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Our Team: Welcome

Get To Know Us


Titus Quaik


PADI Dive IDC Staff Instructor #385644

Member of BNI Allegro, JCIKL and KLCP 82

Certified more than 250 students, 2018 Elite Instructor, More than 8 Years of experience MY VISION IS TO BRING PEOPLE EXPLORE UNDERWATER OCEAN. MY MISSION IS TO BRING PEOPLE DIVE AROUND THE WORLD


Richard Mei

PADI Course Director #81340

Certified more than 100 dive instructor students



C F Teo

​​Open Water Scuba Instructor #446058

Member of KLCP 28

When I am a kid I phobia to water and just know a few swimming skills.
I love the ocean so I ask myself to join Open Water diving course breakthrough myself and until now I become a divemaster.


Wayne Tham

Open water Scuba Instructor #458141

Diver grew up beside the sea. I always dreams of exploring the world underwater. Until I started my first diving experience, it amaze me the mystery of the underwater world! As a diver, skills and responsibilities are also very important, so I started my journey to become a PADI diving instructor! 
Let's explore the mystery of the underwater world together!


Jeje Huang

Open Water Scuba Instructor #444865

Jeje has been actively involved in scuba diving since 2016.

She is passionate in underwater macro photography and videography.

Before she became a scuba instructor, she is a media professional. She directed and edited TV program for major local TV channels.

Now, she is bringing her photography and videography skills to the underwater world and she is passionate to share her knowledge with her students.


Soh Chiow Chun

Open Water Scuba Instructor #419097

CC Soh has been actively involved in water sports and adventures since 40 years ago. Being a core water polo player in his early years, representing the State level for many years he has won many accolades with the Melaka State team. He has also participated in national level Life-saving rescue competition as being a qualified life-saver during his younger days. As he grew older and feeling extremely at peace with the sea he has challenged himself in 'Open Water '' swimming races and claimed many outstanding achievements. CC soh has gone from the confine of a swimming pool into mentoring and training by taking a more serious adventure and becoming an active scuba instructor his passion grew wide into the sea. Being at peace with the deep blue sea, he would like to introduce this passion in the right and fun way to any vivid people out there craving for an amazing adventure. He wants as many people as possible to enjoy the beauty of the sea and experience a whole difference that only being a scuba diver could appreciate.


Ariff Ismail

IDC Staff Instructor #384296

Ariff joined scuba diving and becoming a dive pro at the beginning of 2017 and since the Ariff received Elite Instructor rewarded by PADI. Teaching is his passion and he will guide you to become a certified scuba diver. Ariff will ensure you have a great experience in scuba diving. Lets explore underwater world together.

Our Team: Meet The Team
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